Inspired and re-energized

Game: Race game, bidding, minor tile placement

Thanks to two fellow geeks (who I met on geekchat), I am re-energized into working on my ‘space race’ game.  This game is not about the 60’s space race but a game about building a space ship and then racing it across a course delivering passengers and cargo.

Below are the ship player board and two of the course pieces:

The red, yellow, green and blue lines are departure points.  As space is 3-dimensional, instead of colliding with the exploding ice planet the players ship may loop back and join the race at a previous point – the nearest red, yellow, green or blue line.



The asteroid field has to be maneuvered around – as your ship is based on a 4×4 grid, the small asteroids hit either the port, starboard, or central two sections of the players ship depending on where the asteroid is placed in the grid.  A big asteroid damages all sections.   Lasers and shields can protect ships.



The player mat is where the ship is built and tiles placed.  The ship is 12 tiles big and can be built in an formation the player desires.  Remember engines should be balanced as best as possible.


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