Here is a list of projects I have been working on, am working on, or even dismissed as projects that will probably not work:

Ant’s Picnic – Prototyped and played – 2 players – age 6+

Player’s control a pair of ants trying to scavenge for food on a picnic table. By landing their ants on matching types of food, players score points. Beware events – the spilled pop can, the mean kid with his magnifying glass…etc… Three levels of play that include 1) matching game no events, 2) match with events and 3) match with events and memory aspect

Broadway Producer – Prototyped – 2 -4 players – age 10+

Rummy version of Colosseum. Players vie to go from regional theatre to eventually put on the best Broadway production

Brotherhood of Suns – Idea in notes – 2-4 players – age 12+

Deckbuilder with bidding.  Players control a faction of the Brotherhood of Suns. Each vying for control of the stellar system. By managing and collecting cards, player’s try to take control of the Brotherhood’s homeworld and the home planets of other players

Civilization – Rummy Game – Prototyped – 2-4 players – age 10+

Players collect sets of military, culture, economic and science cards using the rummy mechanism of pick up, meld and discard. Players may use attack cards to affect other player’s civilizations

Dam It! – Blue Sky – 2-5 players – age 10+ Action point allowance system on hex board. Players control beavers trying to build the best home before winter sets in. The games is played over 4 seasons

Deep Sea Diving – Prototyped – 2-4 players – age 10+

Re-theme of Can’t Stop with a twist. Players play deep sea divers trying to collect treasure at the bottom of the ocean. Collecting treasures is the goal…not capturing 3 columns as in Can’t Stop

The Golden Mile – Blue Sky – 2-5 players – age 12+

Blackpool, England – the Golden Mile of lights. Worker placement game where players vie to have the best display of lights on their mile

If You Go Down Into the Woods…  – Prototyped – 2 -6 players – age 6+

Push your luck kids game. Draw a card from your pathway deck to move into the forest and collect food. But beware…if you make too much noise you will wake up the sleeping dragon and lose all your food and have to start again

Mantracker – Blue Sky – 2 – 4 players – age 12+

Scotland Yard on steroids. Based on the TV series of the same name.

Renaissance Man – Idea in notes 2 – 4 – players – age 12+

Looking at changing the name and pitching it to the AEG Tempest line. The great minds of the city are competing to see who is the greatest polymath in the region. Worker placement and set collection. Players have to manage their week to visit different areas of a university to acquire knowledge

Small Talk – Prototyped and playtested once 2 – 8 players age 12+ Party game. Players draft topic cards. Then players pair off and have a ‘small talk’ where they have to mention all 10 topics on their cards. Advanced game adds situation cards. These cards add roles to the discussion eg. Players are on a raft in the middle of the ocean, or players are in confessional

Tombstone (formerly Redemption City) – Prototyped and playtested – 3-8 players – age 8+

Keen eye and quick hand in this quick draw Western themed card game. Working with Ground Floor designer, David Short on this game. A party game in the way that Saboteur and Jungle Speed are party games

Viking Invasion – coop game Blue Sky – 2-4 players – age 12+

Coop game. Each player takes on the role of a village leader along the English North East coastline. By banding together players prepare for and fight off Viking invasions. However, players information is hidden as communication between the villages is sparse. By selecting roles, the players store food, build defenses, fight off invasions, pay taxes etc…
Widgets – Prototyped – 2-4 players – age 10+

Very basic pre-program game. Roll dice and use the results to program a robot that builds widgets and ships them. Likely going nowhere.

Baseball Card Collecting – Basic rules – 2-4 players – age 10+

Bidding/trading mechanism allows players to collect baseball cards. Combine with this with an action phase and the player with the best baseball card collection wins

Tower of Doom – Prototyped and played – 2-4 players – age 8+

5 brick jenga-like tower with three distinct levels. Players play heroes trapped a top the Tower. By drawing keys, players remove bricks from the Tower, but beware the bricks may cause you to encounter monsters or events. All players roll dice in a simple combat mechanic when encountering monsters. Can the heroes reach the bottom of the Tower before it collapses or one of the heroes dies. A coop game.

Bad Elf/Ninja Dwarf – Prototyped and played – 3-5 players – age 10+

My most playtested game. Originally started out as a Christmas themed game for NaGaDeMon but is being re-themed to a Dwarf Mining game. Players control a team of dwarves who are commissioned to collect treasures from the local mine. By bidding and set collecting players race to get metals and gems off the mine cart and organize them on their wagon. Beware the Ninja Dwarf card

All Access Tour: North America – Prototype being constructed – 2-5 players -age 12+

Rock Out! Players hire and buy people and publicity as they take their band on tour around the United States. The player that can work their way up from local gigs to big stadiums and gain the most fame will win. This is a Euro game.

Alien Invasion deckbuilder – Blue Sky  – 2-4 players  – age 10+

Deckbuilder version of the great PC game X-Com

POW – Escape Game – Blue Sky – 2-4 players – age 10+

Deduction game using a Mord Im Arosa type cube tower. Can POWs collect the goods they need before the guards deduce where they are hiding

Pocket Euros – King of the Castle – Blue Sky – 2-4 players – age 10+

The idea is to create a series of Euro games that fit in a two deck box. King of the Castle is a simple cube pusher where players build a 3×3 grid of square cards. By activating the cards players gain resources that help build their castle, attack other castles, and create wealth. The middle card of the nine is the castle.

The League – Blue Sky – 2-4 players – age 12+

Players draft their league of heroes who then take on quests (think Lord of the Rings card game but more direct)

Bucket List – Idea in notes – 3-8 players -age 12+

Using the Apples to Apples mechanism of guess then selection, players create their own bucket list.

The Darkness – Prototype under construction – 2-4 players – age 12+

Large hex board with village map…players take roles of villagers who are trying to escape from the encroaching darkness. Black hex tiles are placed on the edge of the board and more added every turn. Players create ‘light’ to keep back the darkness or to bust a way through so they can escape

Space Pirates – Prototype and attempt at play – 2-4 players  -age 12+

Space themed, card verion of Pirate’s Cove. First play through – epic fail – needs re-thinking

Pamplona – Idea in notes – 2-6 players – 10+

Dexterity flicking game. Players run with the bulls. By playing cards players control how many flicks they get on any one turn. Players flick their runners to get away from the bulls and make it around the course. Brave players may flick and hit the bull to gain gold coins. Bulls can only move forward…beware if the bull flicker hits your players

Skyscrapers – Blue Sky – 2-4 players – 10+

A ladder card game where players build skyscrapers


11 Responses to Designs

  1. Hi, Clive! I don’t have your email address but I wanted to let you know about a game design “tool” that I’ve come up with called the E=Cube ( I’d like for you to check it out and see what you think. It is totally free for anyone to use with proper attribution. So have fun with it!

  2. Brian Casey says:

    I am going with Manhunter. Scotland Yard was one of the games I played very early in life that gave me the enjoyment I have in the hobby. Seeing another take on a game like this would be fun. There don’t seem to be very many like this.

  3. Devin Plowman says:

    I am going to have to go with”The Darkness” it sounds very original. I like the idea of playing as a village fighting to get away from the terror of darkness. This seems like it could have a very euro game feel to it. I would love work on any of these games with you. Also good luck on your games

    • Clive says:

      Thanks Devin. So far, I have created a large, white hex board and black hex tiles that are numbered.
      The mechanism for the creeping darkness is to add the next revealed darkness tile where the adjoining tiles sum is the greatest. For the villagers, there would be roles (fire chief, nurse, etc). Each character would have specific skills. The turns would be action point allowance combined with worker placement. So for 2 AP you could go to the general store and search for items. One search per AP…etc…
      Just an idea right now.
      I have some pics that I will post for you to see some time.

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  5. Jérémie St-Amand says:

    Hi Clive!
    I recently stumbled across your blog a few days ago and find your ideas really interesting. Have you ever considered putting these concepts into video games? I’m an experienced video game developer looking for some spare-time projects and I would be REALLY excited to work on some of your ideas!

    If this sounds fun to you, feel free to contact me at jeremie.stamand AT Keep up the amazing work!

    • Clive says:

      I have no idea for the process of creating video games but would be interested in developing one of my ideas with you. What ideas were you looking at developing. Do you have a site where your games are listed so I can see your work?

  6. Jérémie St-Amand says:

    Great! I must admit my favorite was also The Darkness. How would you like to communicate? I’ll add you to Google+ and we could take it from there.

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