Baseball Card Collecting – the card game

This is a ‘fleshed-out’ idea from the last post.

BASEBALL CARDS – the card game

2-5 players

30 minutes



Each player takes on the roll of a baseball card collector.  By trading and taking actions, players compete to acquire the greatest baseball card collection.  The player with the best collection of team players, all-stars and rookies will win.

Game Bits:

Card Deck

Hobby Store Deck

Action Cards

Coin cards

Signed Card Tokens

Trophy Case Tokens

Set Up:

  • The Card Deck is shuffled and each player is dealt 10 cards – this represents the player’s starting collection
  • The Action Cards are placed face up in the middle of the table
  • The Hobby Store Deck is shuffled and placed in the middle of the table
  • The tokens are placed in two piles to the side within reach of the players

Game Play:

The game takes place over a specified number of rounds.  In each round there are three phases:

  1. Trade/Bidding Phase
  2. Action Phase
  3. Display Phase

1. Trade/Bidding Phase

In this phase the players congregate at the local hobby store to see what the store owner has to offer.  The top card of the Hobby Store Deck is revealed to reveal a ‘special’ item that will aid the players in improving their collection.

The players then select cards from their hand and place them face down in front of them.  Once all players have selected their cards they are revealed simultaneously.  The cards with the highest value played win the item.  The shop owner then places the cards that won the bid up for trade.  The trading continues in the same manner until only two players are left.  When two players trade for an item the winner will receive the goods and the final player gets no goods, but gets one card from the Card Deck and gets first choice in the Action Phase.

Action Phase:

Starting with the last player in the trading round and then working in reverse order to the first trade winner, players take one of the following actions:

  • Get a card signed – only one player per round – cost 3 coin
  • Buy a trophy case – only one player per round – cost 2 coin
  • Buy a booster pack or packs (draw from the card deck) – open to all players – draw two cards from the Card Deck
  • Online auction – sell one of your cards online – roll the auction dice to see how much you get for your card

Display Phase:

Players may place cards in front of them to start making sets.  These cards can be added to but not subtracted from.  These cards can no longer be used in trades or sold.  Display rules:

  • If playing team cards – 4 cards must be played of the same team
  • When playing All-Star cards – 2 cards must be played of any team
  • Rookie cards can be placed individually

There will be physical placement rules that will make it easier for scoring.


Final Scoring:

Scoring will be determined by the number of outfield players represented by one team, the number of pitchers represented by one team, the number of rookie cards and the number of All-Star cards.  Also bonus points will be given for cards that are displayed and/or signed.  Coins will act as a tie breaker.



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