Bidding idea taken further…

With the help of David Short (designer of Ground Floor and Skyline), I have come up with a theme that could use the bidding system where players bid for an item and the items bid then become the next up in the auction (see previous post).  This is more a bartering/bidding system.

We tossed around themes – one of them Urban Farming, which got nixed – and finally came up with a game about trading and collecting baseball cards.  The players would meet at school and bid for baseball cards (trade).  The game would be a set collection game where players are vying for team sets, rookie sets and All Star sets of baseball cards.

Once the bidding/trading round has finished then players would get one or two actions to help expand their collections.  The actions would include:

  • Getting cards signed to increase their value
  • Putting cards in a trophy case to increase value but not to be included in sets
  • Going to the store to buy a booster pack (drawing random cards from a deck)
  • Go online and auction a card (players gamble on monetary return – could be good or not-so-good)
  • and others to be thought of

The number of players that can complete and action would depend on the number of players playing the game.

More to follow…


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