Tower of Doom re-visit and a 2-player bidding game idea

Tower of Doom is a work in progress.  I have a prototype and play tested a couple of times.    If you search my posts you will find a few posts about the game.  Though I have not worked on it in a while, it is still at the forefront of my game designs.

The other day I shared the idea with a fellow designer on Google+.  He suggested that a reverse variant may be interesting.  In the Tower of Doom players play heroes who are trying to escape from the top of a tower by removing bricks (a la Jenga).  The more bricks they remove the quicker they descend down to the bottom of the Tower.  If any of the heroes die (it is a coop game) then the players lose.  If the Tower falls the players lose.  The suggested variant takes the heroes from the bottom of the Tower to the top.  The heroes are attacking the Tower of Doom, trying to reach the top to defeat the toughest of monsters.  This variant would be tougher as drawing bricks from the lower levels would make this game much tougher.

Another issue with the game in early play testing was how to determine when and if the tower collapsed.  I have decided that if the Tower collapses to the level that the heroes are on then the heroes fail and the game is lost and that if players displace bricks by accident but the Tower does not collapse then for every brick displaced the team takes damage.  The players assign damage as they wish – think of this as a rafter or beam collapsing on the heroes.

Is it possible to have a two player bidding game that works?  I cannot think of one that works…though there are some blind bidding games that are designed for 2 players and up. What if the players bid went to the other player?


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