Google+, more than just a social network

For those of you who don’t know about Google+, it is a social network formed by the people at Google.  However, it is very different from Facebook.   Google+ allows you to place your contacts in circles.  Then when you post a message you can direct that message to a certain group of people (as defined by your circles).  You can make the post public if you wish.

I have several game related circles:  Gamers, Game Publishers, Game Designers, and G+ GameLab.

The G+ GameLab is a group of individuals that are interested in game design.  Every now and then we hold a hangout (think a Skype meeting) where one of the members of the Circle presents a design they are working on and then this is followed by a discussion and critique of the design.

Now, Google+ has added Communities.  You can start a Community – I have started a Board Game Design Community – or join a Community – I am a member of two Board Game Communities, two Game Design Communities and an Arsenal FC Community.  Communities have categories where people post anything related to the Community that they wish.  These Communities are moderated.  I help moderate a Board Game Community and moderate my Board Game Design Community.  These are great places to share ideas, resources and information.

Google+ is about the sharing of ideas, unlike Facebook which is about the sharing of every silly little thing you are doing and when you are doing (and Farmville etc…).

Here are the links to some communities you might be interested in:

Board Game Design – 81 members

Board Games – 380 members

Gamecraft (RPG, miniatures, board and card game design) – 243 members

Board Games – 129 members


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