BAD ELF – NaGaDeMon the final day!

It is the last day of NaGaDeMon and my game has been played 3 times.

On Wednesday, the G+ GameLab had a hangout to discuss NaGaDeMon games and other designs.  I got to present Bad Elf to the multitude in attendance (3 other designers).  Here are the suggestions:

1.  Though the theme is cute and good, the game should be re-themed to allow for a wider audience and to increase its all year round attractiveness.  This I am already working on.  Expect some prototype art soon.
2.  Having a conveyor deck that represents the gifts and having cubes that represent gifts may be redundant.  The cubes are necessary.  So, replace the conveyor deck with a board that represents the conveyor (or in the future, mine carts) and then draw cubes out of a bag to fill the conveyor.  This would eliminate the turning and discarding of cards and the reaching for cubes from the stock.  This change, which I favour, would still require a deck of cards to instruct players on the number of cubes to be placed on the spots on the conveyor belt.  This deck would be a 1/4 the size of the conveyor deck.
3.  Possibly reducing the number of coloured gifts.  This would create more competition for gifts and more aggressive bidding.  I am not going to change this until the draw bad mechanism has been tested.
4.  A 5 player game is chaotic in the bidding.  Possibly reducing the number of conveyor spots available by the number of players – 1.  This would make the bidding more aggressive but would lengthen the game.  This may be tried later.

Any comments would be welcome


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