Tuesday Night Gaming Session – Awesomeness!

Last night we had a full table!  Five good friends playing games – awesomeness!  There is so much trash talking going on during the simplest of games that if you did not know we were friends then you might call the police.

The game session last night was one of the best (for me) as we did not only play games but got to do much more.  We started preparing for Mutant Epoch, an RPG designed by a local friend.  I had already rolled my character and so we rolled characters for the rest of the group.

  • I am a Pure Stock Human, Student Class
  • Kelly is a Pure Stock Human, forget his class but he weighs a lot!
  • Justin is a Pure Stock Human, Technician Class
  • Derek is a Ghost Mutant – Technician Class – we still have to roll for mutations
  • Trevor is mildly Mutant – Street Thug Class – we still have to roll for mutations

After rolling D100s and D20s etc. we moved on to play a 5 player game of Bad Elf.  A game I designed last month.  We had already played a 3 player and a 4 player game of Bad Elf but thought we would try for a 5 player game.  The game worked well but the bidding mechanism isn’t really set up for that many and so it was a bit chaotic.  In Bad Elf the order of the bidding results determines the order of gifts taken off the conveyor belt.  In most bidding games the highest player chooses their prize and so on…  With 5 it was harder to adjust your bid to pick up a specific location on the conveyor.  This might be mitigated by reducing the number of conveyor cards revealed each turn.  So, with 5 players only 4 conveyor cards are revealed and with 4 players only 3 cards are revealed.  My only issue with this is that it would increase the length of the game.  I am also looking at reducing the number of gift colours.  This would reduce the number of cards and create more competition for gifts.

After Bad Elf, I pulled out 5 decks of playing cards.  These decks were modified.  They were identical, had only 18 cards, and the card values ranged from 1 to 10.  This was the first play test of my If You Go Into The Woods… game.  This was a good exercise.  In this game each player, in turn, turns over one of their cards to create a pathway into the woods.  The value of each card is representative of the noise the player’s animal makes while foraging for food.  If a player’s noise threshold goes over 20 then the dragon in the middle of the forest awakes and all players still foraging for food lose any food they have collected as they scurry home.

In this play test, different coloured cubes represented the food collected.  Game play goes as follows:

  • Each player in turn plays a card
  • When the play comes round the second time a player may (a) play another card from the top of their deck and continue into the forest or (b) collect any food and return home, discarding any pathway cards played
  • If a player passes the noise threshold then all players discard any food and pathway cards collected and a new round starts with the next player to the left of the player that was too noisy

The game played okay.  It certainly would play better if the cards and pieces were themed.  Not sure how the end game scenario would work.  Suggestions for end game scenario are:

  1. First player to get x number of food tokens
  2. Play until all players have played cards from deck.  Once a player has used all the cards from their deck they are out of that round.  Players continue and when their is one player left with cards then that player may continue until they either pass the threshold and awake the dragon or decide to pass and take food and return home.  I think with this end game scenario it might be best to play a set number of rounds.

A suggestion was made that when you wake the dragon the only players that are affected are the players immediately adjacent to the noisy animal.  Will have to play test this idea.

After the non-normal gaming we settled down for a game of Lords of Waterdeep followed by Hotel Samoa.  Though I completed two of the largest quests, I was soundly in third place.  The winner had the Lord that rewards owning buildings.  I also stunk at Hotel Samoa.  Actually, I stunk the whole evening.  I lost at my own game, Bad Elf, scoring 0 points!  The winner had 12 or 13.

A great evening of gaming!


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