Revisiting “If you go down into the woods”

My daughter came up with an idea for a game which I posted about earlier.  In this game players take on the role of a cute animal looking for food in the forest.  However, they have to be quiet otherwise they awake the sleeping dragon.  If the dragon awakes then all the players who are still in the forest will lose their food.  The animal with the most food at the end of the game will win.

This is a push your luck game with simple math.  Each player has their own deck of cards.  On a turn a player turns over a card to reveal a pathway with a value between 1 and 8.  Then the next player turns over a card and the next and the next and so on…

For the first card played a player gathers one food, for the second two food, for the third three food, for the fourth five food and for five cards or more 8 food.  However, if at any time a player’s cards total more than 15 then the dragon awakes and scares the animals out of the forest.  The animals are so scared that they drop their food and return home empty handed.  So, players have a choice, either to play another card and stay in the forest or to return home with whatever food they have collected.  Once they return home then the player cannot lose any food collected.  Not only do young players have to keep track of their own pathway’s values but also their opponent’s values.

Black Jack for kids!  🙂


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