NaGaDeMon challenge – COMPLETED – Bad Elf played – part 2 of 2

The first post described about how the game changed between the first and second games of Bad Elf.  This was followed by some concerns that I still have over the game and some pictures of the game in action.  This second post reviews the game.

From my opinion as the designer I was surprised how well the game played.  It scaled well between 3 and 4 players.  Each game was a little different due to the number of players but  the game played smoothly both times.  There were and probably are some issues to be ironed out but I have to say that I was proud of my game.

My friend Justin who is teaches digital game design at a local high school (and who played in both the 3 and 4 player games) was very impressed with how balanced the game play was and how the theme seemed logical with the mechanisms used in game play.

Derek and Kelly who have been playing games with me for the past few years enjoyed the game and were very impressed.  It certainly did not seem out of place with any other games that hit the table when we meet.

What I like about the game and what I think is a little unique.

  • When players bid, the winning bidder does not get to pick which set of gifts they want.  The winner gets the first gifts off the conveyor, the second highest number of elves gets the second set of gifts and so on…  What this means is that players may try to lose a bid to get the last card or may have to strategize to get a middle card.
  • This bidding system is also aided by the fact that once elves are sent to get gifts and load the sleigh they are not available for the next bidding round.  So, by players looking at how many elves (meeples) are in front of the opponents’ player boards they can better choose how many elves they need to send to get the gifts they want that turn.

I will post more thoughts soon.


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2 Responses to NaGaDeMon challenge – COMPLETED – Bad Elf played – part 2 of 2

  1. Nate K says:

    Cool! So where’s the game go from here? Further testing? A print-and-play edition? Kickstarter?

    • Clive says:

      I will further play test and maybe put up some print and play files. The theme is seasonal and not for everyone, so I may have to re-theme the game. I have some ideas and will chat with a couple of buddies that have had games designed.

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