NaGaDeMon challenge – COMPLETED – Bad Elf played – part 1 of 2

Yesterday evening, Bad Elf hit the table twice!!!!  The first game was with three players and the second with four.  I don’t remember who won (it was not me).  The game played very well – exceptionally well!  I was surprised how well it played.  There were a few glitches which were discussed and changed for the second game (see below).

The changes included:

Original – when a player passed in bidding they were able to trade white cubes to obtain coloured gifts or to discard lumps of coal, and they were able to reorganize any cubes from sack to sack on the back of the sleigh.  Change – a player may still perform these actions but now has a restriction.  For every trade made or cube moved on the player board a meeple (elf) is placed in the loading zone and may not be used the following round.  For example, if a player discards two white cubes to discard a lump of coal and moves two cubes to new sacks then three meeples will be placed in the loading zone.

  1. Original – only nine cubes can be placed in each sack and when winning cubes, all cubes must be placed in one sack.  This raised a scenario where a player had not enough room in one sack to place all three cubes won in a bid.  There was no rule for this scenario.  This could occur during the end game scenario.  Change – when this scenario occurs, any gifts that cannot be placed fall into the front of Santa’s sleigh and turn to coal.  Santa does not like coal on his red suit so these are worth -2 points at game end and cannot be removed by trading white cubes.  If a coal is included in the items claimed then that must be placed in a sack first – BEFORE any gifts can be added to the sack.

Other potential concerns:

  • Tie breaker method is rock-paper-scissors.  Every time there is a tie in the tiebreaker game a card falls off the conveyor belt.  Two ties – both players miss out because they were having so much fun playing RPS.  So, what if three people tie?  The way we played this was to have an elimination.  If two people defeated the other then that player lost out on gifts because a card was gone.  Now the two battle it out.  I think it works.

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