Bad Elf update – NaGaDeMon

November is National Game Design Month – see earlier posts.  Bad Elf is my attempt to design a game in a single month and have it played.  Here is the latest update:

Added a lump of coal!

In my game, Bad Elf, players control teams of elves that are on the final test before becoming Official Santa’s Helpers.  This test requires the  unloading of presents from a conveyor belt and the stacking of these gifts into four sacks on the back of a sleigh.  The game requires bidding for the right to select which packages you will remove from the conveyor and a set collection point system for final scoring.

I have just completed the breakdown for the conveyor belt card deck.  This will consist of 71 cards.  47 will have a mix of three different coloured gifts, 8 will have 1 of each colour, eight will have two of each colour and 8 will have three of each colour.  One of the colours will be black.  Black = a lump of coal, which are minus points at the end of the game.


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