A deduction party game

I have an idea!  Don’t look too shocked!

The other day, my family got together with three other families for some food, beverages and good times.  The host Will McAusland of Mutant Epoch fame is an RPGer and miniature table top gaming guy.  His wife and kids (three daughters) like to play fun quick games – think Loopin’ Louie and Match of the Penguins.  Two of my gaming buddies, Kelly and Trevor will play anything and their wives (and mine) are up for games like Zooloretto, Liar’s Dice, Cloud 9, or Say Anything.  The rest of the kids – 3 girls and 2 boys – like to have fun no matter what game they are playing.

Two thoughts came to me: 1)  How do I bring a game that could appease everyone?  And 2) How could I bring a game that is not so intrusive?  By intrusive, I mean that the gathering does not stop because games are being brought out.  Rather, is there a game we could play while still having our regular conversations and fun?

I came up with the following idea (it is more for just adults though I am sure could be tweaked for players of all ages or even just have a kids version).

The game goes something like this:  Each player is given a roll card with a value.  The idea of the game is to switch cards with other guests until you have the highest value of card by the end of the evening.  I must stress that the role is not one that is acted out – this is not a murder mystery party or a role playing party game.  The roll is important but secondary to the game play.

So,  there is a deck of 50 cards which are shuffled and one card is given to each guest as they arrive…they are already aware of the game when they arrive.  Each card has a character with a value between 1 and 10.  The card also has words or phrases on the card. The idea is to make another guest say one of the words or phrases.  Once a guest does that in normal conversation then you may switch cards with them.  If a guest is finding it hard to get rid of their card then they may go to the deck and place their card on the bottom and draw a new card.  However, at the end of the evening they will lose one point off the value of their card.

I think it needs more fleshing out and maybe a complete overhaul but I think this kind of non-intrusive game would be fun and welcomed by many.  Even those non-game players would be involved as they may be forced to give up their card.

Any thoughts?


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Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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