NaGaDeMon – Bad Elf – update 1

In an earlier post I talked about the National Game Design Month and my contribution, Bad Elf.  I will be posting graphics and pictures and reports of my progress.  Here is the first update.

I have mocked up some graphics for the bidding hands.  There will be 10 cards per bidding hand.  Each will be made up of one 3 elf cards, two 2 elf cards, two 1 elf cards, two 0 elf cards, one pixie dust card, one reverse conveyor card and one Bad Elf card.  The mocked up graphics are below.  They will be printed on business card templates.  I find this is an easy and cost efficient way of making cards that can potentially have graphics on both sides.  The player colours will be yellow (shown below), red, blue and green.  Of course, I might just cut up some card and just write numbers on them:


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