NaGaDeMon – challenge

The National Game Design Month is this November.  This is a challenge to any game designer to invent a game, write the rules, create a prototype and play the game within the  month of November.

Although I have other game designs that I really should be working on, I am taking up this challenge.  Why?  1) Any challenge is good and this one should get the creative juices flowing, 2) I have an idea for the challenge and am ready to roll on what should be a fun game for everyone and 3) I believe that this creative process will kick start me to also work on other projects…we will see.

So without further ado…drum roll please…here is my idea for NaGaDeMon (sounds like a line from an Iron Butterfly song or the name of a Cthulu creature)…


2-4 players, age 8 and up, 20-30 minutes

Players take on the role of trainee elves who are looking to become fully fledged Santa’s Helpers.  They are ready for their final test.  A team of six elves is tasked with loading Santa’s sleigh in the most efficient way possible.  The elves must collect parcels as they come off the conveyor belt and load them into the sacks on the four sacks on their sleigh.

However, as part of the test, the team of six elves must organize themselves so that they utilize their manpower in the best possible way while competing with the other teams to fill the sacks on the back of the sleigh.  Also, they need to sort the right packages into the right sacks so the types of toys meet their correct destinations.

Game Bits:

  • Coloured wooden cubes representing Christmas gifts
  • 10 hidden goal cards
  • Four player boards representing the test’s sleighs
  • 24 elf meeples (6 x 4 player colours)
  • 40 bidding cards (10 x 4 player bidding cards)
  • Conveyor belt deck (40 to 50 cards with different number and colour of cubes on each card)

Game Set Up:

  • Each player takes a set of bidding cards, six elf meeples that match the colour of their bidding cards, and one sleigh player board
  • The conveyor deck is shuffled and placed between the players
  • Choose a start player

Basic Game Flow:

  1. The conveyor turns on and a number of cards – based on the number of players – are turned over to represent the conveyor belt
  2. Players look at the presents on each conveyor card and draw 3 cards to represent the number of elves they will send to pick up presents for their sleigh
  3. Bids are revealed simultaneously – the player with the most number of elves takes the cubes represented on the first card, the second highest takes the cubes represented by the second card and so on…
  4. Players take the cubes and stack them on their sleigh…once placed they cannot be moved
  5. Each player takes the number of elf meeples represented by their bid card and places them on their sleigh…these elves are not available for use in the next bidding round
  6. The start player becomes the next player to the left
  7. New cards from the conveyor deck are revealed and a new round begins

Extra Details:

The bidding deck is made up of 10 cards:

  • 2 cards with 3 elves
  • 1 cards with 2 elves
  • 2 cards with 1 elf
  • 2 blank cards
  • 1 pixie dust card (0ne time use) – the pixie dust card allows elves to fly to the conveyor belt and take any card’s cubes before any of the other bidding is resolved
  • 1 reverse conveyor card (one time use) – this reverses the results of the bidding.  The highest bid now takes the fourth card…etc.
  • 1 bad elf card (one time use) – this allows one player to bid as normal but allows one of the elves bid to steal any cube from another player.  If used the player who plays this card loses an elf for the rest of the game

Sleigh Stacking:

  • The sleigh will have four bags – three with specific locations around the globe
  • Hidden goal cards will have locations linked to a specific coloured cube.  For example, North America sack could be linked to red cubes.  Any red cubes placed in the N. America sack will be worth bonus points
  • Other points are based on basic set collection – one of each colour = x points, sets of one colour = x points

Any feedback?


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