Area Influence – Area Control

Many gamers use the terms area influence and area control interchangeably.  To me area control is when players are ‘battling’ to have the most ‘pieces’ in a specific area of the board – usually a map.  El Grande, Mission Red Planet are examples of area control games  Controlling areas on the board is the goal of the game.  Controlling areas on the board is the way a player wins the game.

So what is area influence?  Revolution! uses influence to control areas on a map.  So maybe area influence is the mechanism that allow players to control areas on the map.  In which case area influence is not another term to describe area control but a mechanism that is synonymous with area control games.  Maybe.  I would be interested to see what you think.

This internal discussion about area influence and area control had me thinking about a new mechanism that involves both terms.  Of course, whenever I think I have come up with a new mechanic for a game, I usually find out it has done before.  Here is my idea:

What if area control led to some kind of influence in a game which led to an engine by which players scored points.  Imagine a map that represents various districts.  Each district can be influenced by placing counters/cubes/meeples on the map.  At the end of the round the players that have the most influence in the district get a reward.  I guess this is similar to a worker placement mechanic.  But in this case, all players can go deploy influence in a district.  So, each player may play any number of influence in a district on a turn and everyone (or more than one player) gets a reward depending on how much influence they have in a district.

Another idea – any games I am forgetting that already do this?


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