AEG’s Tempest World and game design

Alderac Entertainment Group or AEG is a game publishing company based in Ontario, California.  They have released the popular Thunderstone and Nightfall games and their numerous expansions.  I own or have owned Thunderstone, Nightfall and Infinite City – all AEG games.  These games are very solid designs but have not grabbed my attention.  Now, however, AEG has released a series of four games –  Dominare, Courtier, Mercante and Love Letter – that have my attention!  These seem like solid Euro games with varying mechanics.  They are very different games – area influence, economic engine, quick playing card games – but all have one thing in common…they all take part in the same World – TEMPEST.  While the idea of different games existing in the same world or universe is not new (Twilight Imperium and Rex, Westeros etc.), the idea that the characters show up in different games and have similar characteristics throughout the game and potentially interact in similar ways with other characters across games seems to be unique and exciting.

What does this Tempest World have to do with my game design process?  AEG has a designer resource webpage for the Tempest World.  Here is the text on that site:

“AEG has opened up the resource toolbox for game designers interested in designing a game for the Tempest line. Note that this site does not contain previews for upcoming games; all Tempest news will be posted on this site.

If you are a game designer and would like to be allowed access, we’d love to have you on board. Please apply here and we’ll get you approved as soon as possible.”

I have signed up for access and am hoping for an email with details later.  A friend and I have been working on an idea for sometime now – more notes and mechanisms and rules than prototype at this point.  This game is titled Renaissance Man and deals with the acquisition of knowledge.  With a few twists Renaissance Man (with a new name – maybe Universitaire) would fit perfectly in the Tempest World.  I don’t want to reveal too many details about the game right now as I am working on a rule set that maybe I can forward to AEG.


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