Ra on the iPad, Dominion campaign and party games

Not much designing going on with work and getting things ready for Pam and Sophie’s return to school (my wife is a teacher).  However, I have had time to play some games.  I am addicted to Ra on the iPad.  Such a great conversion though there seems to be a glitch where sometimes Ra tokens will get pulled in succession way too often – still a wonderful game.

I have rediscovered Dominion – such a great game.  For some inexplicable reason it sat on the shelf for way too long.  I think if there were any game mechanism that I could have invented it would be the deck building mechanism in Dominion.  Four of us got together and played Dominion and two of its expansions – Seaside and Prosperity.  In order to mix things up a little we followed Mike Watne’s (thegreybetween) campaign rules.  In campaign mode players are rewarded for their successes in earlier games.  Rewards include and upgrade of Treasure cards or the addition of Action Cards to the beginning deck of their next game.  We played three games using each different set for each round.  It was very interesting and I would suggest that Dominion players try it sometime.  The rules can be found here.

This Labour Day weekend we were invited to two ‘parties’.  The first was at one of my gaming buddy’s place.  My gaming friends all have kids around the same age as Sophie.  It is a wonderful group of friends!!  We are very lucky.  I was asked to bring a game that played eight.  I took Say Anything.  I picked up Say Anything at a local thrift store.  WOW!  Is it a great game!  We were laughing so hard.  I recommend it to anyone.  The second gathering was at my bosses house.  We played a family pick-up game of football soccer and then went back to his house for a BBQ.   After food and beverages and we had the kids settled in front of a movie, we played a game that my boss had played with his family in England last Christmas.  A very simple party game…Who’s in the bag?  A cloth bag is filled with celebrity names.  In the first round players have 30 seconds to get their team to guess as many names as possible by describing the person without saying the actual name.  A point is awarded for each correct response.  In the second round players may only act (a la Charades) and have their team guess and in the third round players may only use one word to describe the celebrity.  As is often the case with party games of this ilk, it was men versus women.  Round 1 – men 41 women 41.  Round 2 – men 62 women 60.  Round 3 – men 79 women 74.


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