Alien Invasion – a new idea (part 3)

Here is my second idea for an alien invasion board game.

Alien Invasion – The Deck Building Game

As with many deck building games, each player would start with a basic hand which they would shuffle, draw cards, play cards, discard and then re-seed their hand etc…

The difference with this deck building game is that players would start with a team of marine cards that have identical stats and possibly one ship card (transport/attack ship).  These cards would not be part of the deck but rather placed in the players tableau.  The marines and ship can be upgraded by playing various technology cards during a turn and buying other technology cards.  By managing resources and money and technology players build efficient teams that with the use of their ship can deal with alien threats.

Points come from dealing with alien threats.  There would be 3 decks of alien threats:

  1. Yellow alert -low level alien incursions
  2. Orange alert – cities being attacked by aliens
  3. Red alert – alien base formed on earth

Players will choose what level of alien invasion they would like to deal with (could be by activation of cards or could be once per turn).  If the player’s marines have the levels needed to beat the alien incursion then they get rewards.  The higher the level the greater the rewards.  The rewards would come in the form of cards added to the deck.  If the marines are not successful then damage cards are placed in the deck – these are useless.  There could be a way of trashing these damage cards.

Another thought…the marines could be part of the deck and be played when needed…with the addition of some kind of reserve mechanism (a la A Few Acres of Snow).

Still mulling it over in my mind



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2 Responses to Alien Invasion – a new idea (part 3)

  1. Eric Sexton says:

    I was here at work until 11pm lat night. I am going to write myself an email to remember to find that game I told you about.

  2. Eric Sexton says:

    Hey there, so I was getting some images ready to send you but its 11 megs. Are you on Drop Box? That would be an easier way to share this much info. Or I need an email address to send a more select set of images.

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