Alien Invasion – a new idea (part 2)

Here is my first ‘fleshed out’ idea – though still a bit of a jumble.

Alien Invasion – worker placement game.

The board represents the Headquarters of the Earth Extraterrestrial Defence Squad.  Rooms represent research, recruitment, and other places where players can upgrade their tactical response teams.

There is a deck of cards that represent the marines that comprise each players tactical response team.  These cards have the characters skill levels.  Skill levels can be enhanced by going to various rooms in the base.  These enhancements would be shown by having cards slide behind the squad members character card (or tokens could be used).  Characters would start at different levels – there would be maybe 4 levels of characters each represented by a different coloured meeple.  Players would be dealt x number of marine cards and then a drafting process would ensue.  To start with players would have a threshold that they could not pass during the drafting process.  No level 4 characters would be in the draft.  So, if the threshold was 6 then a player could draft two level 3 marines, 3 level two marines, or 6 level one marines, or some combination.  The balance between experience and team numbers would be a key strategic decision in the game.

Each player would pick a continent where they have their individual base of operations – Asia, Europe, N. America etc…

On a turn players would place their marine meeples in one of the rooms – the more experienced the meeple the better the result achieved in some rooms.  Possibly something like, if you place a level 3 meeple in the recruitment room a player gets to look at 3 marine cards and gets to recruit one, whereas a level 2 looks at two cards.

At the end of the placement of marine meeples event cards are drawn.  Players now may respond to any alien attacks on earth.  These attacks could be a simple blowing the UFO out of the sky to defending the headquarters against an alien attack.  The key is players may only use meeples they did not use in the placement stage to defend or attack the aliens.  Also, if a player places a meeple in the communications room then they get to choose which event they want to which they want to respond.  The more time it takes for a squad to respond to an alien attack the harder the task becomes.  If a player’s home base is in Asia and the attack is in Asia they respond immediately.  If the player responds to attack in another continent the tasks get more difficult.  Using the research room allows for upgrade of tech which allows for quicker response.  You can also call on a closer player to assist with the attack.  However, the rewards are split evenly.

The end game scenario will be when the Headquarter attack occurs – the event card comes into play – in this scenario only the players that have been placed in the headquarters may defend.

There is no battle mechanic – players simply must meet certain levels of skill, strength, willpower etc to defend the headquarters.  Victory points are awarded for successful missions and number of marines alive at the end of the game.


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