iOS spending spree

There were a number of games on sale for the iPad this week – Medici, Ra, Le Havre, Tigris & Euprates and Tikal all at 99 cents!  I picked these up and free versions of Zombie Dice and Summoner Wars.  I also picked up Ticket to Ride with the US, Europe, Swiss and Asia maps along with the 1910 expansion.  I have not played them all yet but here are my initial impressions of the ones I have played:

Ra – the first play was quite annoying.  Every time a player had to bid a screen appeared that you either had to wait a few seconds for it to disappear or x out of the screen.  Fixed that issue in the settings.  From then on the interface works well!  Looking forward to see how well the AI works and maybe play some online games.  I don’t like pass and play – for that I would use the board game.  iOS games are best for solitaire or online play.

Tikal – the interface works okay and the graphics are good but I feel this game may be a bit too fiddly for a smooth and fun game play.  However, next time I am on a plane I am sure I will be happy with the interface and the fiddlyness of the game.

Zombie Dice – a pretty awful game and a terrible graphic interface.  Rather be rolling dice than watching a big zombie hand ‘roll’ them for me.  I think I need a copy of Martian Dice and pack that in a back pack.

Tigris and Euphrates – I played this for the first time as a board game yesterday afternoon as was underwhelmed.  However, as an iOS app it is very good.  Playing this game on the iPad will help me have a greater understanding of the strategies used when playing next time as a board game.  I really enjoyed the interface for T&E!

Summoner Wars – I have never played this game before and thoroughly enjoyed my first game on the iPad.  The walkthrough is quick and easy and the game play looks inviting.  I am looking to learning this game and maybe picking up some of the InApp extra decks.  For me, this is the perfect kind of game for the iPad.  I like many two player games but get little chance to play them as my board game group usually is 3+.  The two player games I get to play are often with my wife – and I don’t think she will like Summoner Wars – of they get played too infrequently to qualify purchasing.

Ticket to Ride – I have played the US map and estimated 100+ times.  I downloaded the iPhone app when it was free.  My wife loves this game.  Getting the iPad version along with the InApp extra maps and expansions opens up a whole new plethora of options.  WOW that Swiss map is hard!  Great game with a great transfer to iOS.


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