Escape from Colditz Castle – game idea

I recently acquired a copy of Mord Im Arosa. This clever game is fun to play and has a unique cube tower.  The tower represents a hotel in which two murders have been committed.  The murder victims and unwanted clues (left by players) are represented by coloured cubes.  By listening to how the cubes fall in the tower, players deduce where players may have left clues and where they may have left clues which they want to clear from the building.  The tower is 7 stacked boxes that can be moved to reveal each floor.  For a video on how to play this unique game click here.

Expanding on this tower mechanism, I have come up with a game idea where players are trying to escape from Colditz Castle, an infamous WWII prisoner of war camp in Germany.

Players take on the role of Prisoners of War (PoW) from Ally countries.  Each player will get x number of small meeples in a colour that represents their nationality.  Using a cube tower that allows players to reveal the different levels while also acting like a dice tower, each player drops meeples into the tower and listens to where they stop and tries do deduce on what floor of the tower their meeples might have landed (and the meeples of other players).  Each level would represent a room or area in the Castle…the kitchen, the gymnasium, the sleeping quarters, the guard house etc…

Each level would have an outcome if meeples are found there – depending on who found them at a specific location would lead to either a positive or negative outcome.  Players may collect resources (cards) that allow them to meet certain that are needed for a successful escape.  If meeples of different nationalities are deduced to be on the same level then trading of goods may take place.  Meeples are always re-seeded into the tower after a reveal.  It is possible that a choice of outcomes may exist – if the British player correctly deduces that one or more of his meeples are on a floor then he might take a resource or decide to re-seed and extra PoW from his supply.  The more meeples the more chances of getting resources, the more meeples that may escape, but also the greater chance of being caught by guards.

Either a player or an AI mechanism would play the German guards.  They would also reveal floors trying to deduce who might be there.  If correct there would be a punishment for those caught or a reward for the guard – special effect cards or re-seeding more guards.

The game would end when either x number of PoWs had escaped or the guards meet some criteria.

What ya all think?


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