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In another geekchat conversation we discussed sports games and how it is difficult (if not impossible) to make a board game that actually represents and feels like you are playing the sport.  It is possible to make a coaching simulation or a baseball game because these are based on decisions that can be deliberated over and can be based on statistical outcomes.  But, a free-flowing game like soccer or basketball is very hard to simulate in a board game (unless, perhaps, it is a dexterity game like the amazing Subbuteo).

JAB: Real Time Boxing by Gavan Brown and released by Tasty Minstrel Games does a solid job of re-creating a boxing match within the parameters of a card game.

This got me thinking about Jai Alai – a fast paced ball game.  Maybe by playing cards with a timer the fast paced action of the game could be reproduced.  Cards could be placed in one of three areas on your side of the court.  The cards would have a colour – the area that the card can be played in – and a number – the power of the returned shot.  Each player’s hand would be similar in nature and a card could be played only once per game…have to study more about Jai Alai!!  There would also be a timer that beeps every 5 seconds – if a player does not play a card within that time limit then they lose a point.

Another ‘sport’ that I had an idea for is Disc Golf.  This would involve dice.  Depending on the type of shot you would roll two dice…distance and curve.  High shots would have more curve.  Power shots would have less curve the harder they are thrown.  There would be four pairs of dice for each type of shot.  Use the high shot to fly over bushed or trees.  Low power shots are used to curve around obstacles and high power shots are to go straight.

More ideas…not sure how good they are.


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