Real Time – Part 2

After my unique idea came crashing down with the news of the kickstarted game Escape…from the Temple Curse, I thought that I would forget about the idea of a real time game.  However, I have had some other thoughts about such a game…and here they are.

1.  Escape is a hectic dice rolling game that lasts 10 minutes.  While this sounds like a lot of fun, it is certainly not the type of game I was thinking of creating.

2.  What if when you opened the game box it triggered a timer that lasted 60 minutes…the game is on!  Solve the game before the timer goes off!

3.  Theme – a bomb is about to go off in the City.  You have one hour to figure out the location.  Using a map (the game board) and documents and clues each player takes on a roll to solve the imminent danger.  It is possible to play with NPCs that move around the board.  But when you move an NPC across the City you will have to wait x number of minutes before getting the results of their action.

Again this is just an idea ruminating in the back of my mind.



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6 Responses to Real Time – Part 2

  1. Eric Sexton says:

    I like the idea of the game box being a part of the game itself. Very cool. Even the co-op theme of finding the bomb is cool.

    • Clive says:

      Thanks! I like the idea but I am not sure whether I have the skill/knowledge to make this kind of game…

  2. Seth Jaffee says:

    I actually also really like the idea of ‘open box = time started’… it’s funny, but also puts some pressure on players to play the game, like right away.

    And with a 60 minute game timer, you might not feel the time pressure until the end, but if you pace well, the end game might not feel as frantic!

    • Clive says:

      I think the idea could be sensational…I think I am going to see if I can find anyone who wants to collaborate on this idea and see where it goes…

  3. sarebear says:

    Hi! I like your idea. I think real-time games could potentially be a niche/category with alot of room, because I can only think of a few (there may be more out there, but who knows). There’s the afore-mentioned Escape . . .from the temple curse, there’s Break the Safe , in which you select your amount of time from hard, medium, or easy on the electronic timer; we often go for hard which gives us a nail-biter of a time! It’s a co-op, disable the traps in the museum (it’s a museum of art that was stolen, so you aren’t doing anything “wrong” by evading guards, etc., I think this is to make it family-friendly), another goal I forget, and evade the g uard and dog to get back to the middle (does that make sense? how do you escape the museum from the middle . . . maybe a big skylight? lol). Our extended family likes it, they aren’t familiar with any other co-ops.

    There’s also Space Alert, another co-op. as is Escape . . . I think real-time and co-op naturally go well together, but it might be interesting to experiment at some point with an adversarial real-time, of course balancing out the dynamics of slowing your opponents up with meeting your own goals and not slowing yourself down too much by constantlyl slowing your opponents, would need to be addressed, among other things. Part of the whole trade-offs/balancing . . .

    Curious to see how this further develops!

    You ask if it’s a unique idea – obviously a few have thought of it before, but like I say, it’s my opinion this is a relatively unexplored or way under-explored mechanic/idea. And, you have a really good chance of bringing something new to it, since there’s so few things out there (plus you have good ideas, I don’t mean to imply you couldn’t bring something new to well-established mechanics or categories, lol!)

  4. Mark says:

    Clive, when you first mentioned this idea I too thought of saving a city from a bomb. A perfect thematic fit.

    If you want to use the idea of opening the box setting off the timer, you’d need to have simple enough rules that they can be printed in full on the bottom of the box (provided the components/insert allows for such box flipping).

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