Video review idea – what do you think?

Now, I am not a published designer but I believe I know what makes a good game good and a poor game poor from a game design perspective.  I have many game design ideas which I hope at least one will be published some day.

I have always wanted to try my hand at video board game reviews but did not want to follow the same formula as most reviewers – intro, game bits, rules/game flow explanation, final comment.

As a wannabe game designer, I have thought of a new video game review perspective – A GAME DESIGNERS VIDEO REVIEW or VIDEO REVIEW FROM A DESIGNERS PERSPECTIVE.

How do you think this could be developed?  What ideas should be expressed in the review?  More objectivity than subjectivity?

I think this could be a podcast – a discussion – we pick a couple of games and play them a few times over a week or two – anyone interested in developing this idea with me?


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Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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2 Responses to Video review idea – what do you think?

  1. Sound great. I think the Dice Tower reviews do this a little bit, but its not their main focus so the design aspects get lost.

    • Clive says:

      I don’t think the Dice Tower looks at the game from a design perspective. They certainly talk about mechanics and whether they have been done before but the review is more a subjective do I like the game or not type of review. And even more so lately…imho

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