Worker Placement Mechanics

Worker placement is an established mechanic.  A while ago I posted about a worker placement mechanic that I want to revisit while also adding other ideas for worker placement.  Here are the ideas:

  1. Players use worker placement in the usual way by placing workers on spots that give some reward.  However some spots require risk when you place them in that area.  Examples:  (a) Players place a worker at the loan shark office.  At the loan shark office you get rewarded with a HUGE amount of money compared to other spots.  However, at the end of the round the worker is placed in a bag with other neutral meeples.  At the end of each round the bag is shaken and a random meeple drawn.  If your worker is drawn you have to pay the complete loan back to the loan shark immediately.  If you cannot you lose a worker for the rest of the game and the worker stays in the bag.  Once the loan is paid off in payments or in a lump some your worker is removed from the bag.  (b)  There is a disease outbreak and you are a team of researchers in a facility researching the disease.  You place workers in areas where the chance of contracting the disease differs.  The higher the chance of contracting the disease the higher the reward the room gives.  When you enter certain rooms you have to place tokens in a bag and at the end of the round a token is drawn.  If your coloured token is drawn then you lose a worker to the disease.
  2. When speaking with game designer/developer Seth Jaffee, a slightly different mechanism was suggested.  In this evolution of the above mechanic it is suggested that rooms would have values – loss values.  So a low risk room would have a value of 0 to 1.  When a player or players place workers in the room and complete the action a die is then rolled.  This die would have x number or 1s and x number of 0s.  If a 1 is rolled then one player in the room dies and a worker lost (the last player in the room) and if a 0 was rolled then no one dies.  Rooms would have different probabilities.
  3. Worker recruitment mechanic…or workerbuilding…think of deckbuilding but rather you build a team of workers.  You use workers to recruit other workers.  Some of these workers have specific powers.  The workers are also used in the regular worker placement/action selection mechanic.
  4. I had another one but forgot  🙂

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