Latest WIP – All Access Tour

Welcome to my new game idea.  I hope to have pictures up soon of the board and some more details of the cards.  This is just a rough draft….a very rough draft…

I welcome feedback.



You are in control of a band who is embarking on a tour.  You already have a following but as you tour this following grows and your fame grows.  As you increase your fame you are able to play larger and larger venues.  Do you have what it takes to take your band to the top?  Will you gain the most fame?  Will your band become musical legends?  No talent required.  Just head out on your own ALL ACCESS TOUR!

Game Bits:

  • 1 map board
  • 5 player boards
  • Money in various denominations
  • 15 wooden discs (3 x 5 colours)
  • 20 major venue point tokens
  • 50 secondary venue tokens
  • 100 gig tokens (5 x 20 of each player colour)
  • 20 Entourage Cards
  • 20 Media Release Cards
  • 5 Talent Agency Cards
  • 10 large Lighting Rig tokens
  • 10 small Lighting Rig tokens
  • 10 Speaker stack tokens
  • 10 Sound desk tokens
  • 6 PR tokens
  • 7 Tour buses
  • 6 Studio time tokens
  • 6 Rehearsal tokens
  • 6 Groupies

Game Set Up:

  1. Place the map board in the middle of the table
  2. Each player chooses a colour and takes their 3 round markers and 20 gig tokens
  3. Each player receives X number of dollars
  4. Each player places one marker on the score track, one marker on the chart track and one marker on any small venue site – all on the map board
  5. The lighting tokens, speaker tokens, sound desk tokens, tour bus tokens, and PR tokens are stacked face up to the right of the board along with the award cards which are shuffled and placed face down.
  6. The entourage cards and media release cards are shuffled and placed face down to the left of the board
  7. The last person to attend a live music event starts

Game Play:

The game is played over X number of rounds.  Each round is made up of two phases:  The Hiring/Buying Phase and the Action Phase.

Hiring/Building Phase:

Players get to bid on items that will assist them in their tour and increase their Fame Value.  Each player may buy one item.  The start player chooses an item to bid on and starts with a minimum bid of 500 dollars.  Players bid in one hundred dollar increments.  Hiring proceeds in a clockwise direction.  Once a player passes they are out of the bidding round.  If the starting bidder does not win the bid then they choose another item to hire.

Items for hire include:

  • Lighting tokens – first is worth 2 Fame Value, every subsequent lighting token is worth 3 points.  A player may have two large lighting rigs and two small lighting rigs
  • Speaker stacks – first worth 2 points, second worth 3 points.
  • Sound desk – first worth 2 points, second worth 3 points.
  • Tour bus token – worth 2 points.  One maybe traded in for an extra movement.  Two maybe traded in to fly to a major city.
  • PR Tokens – worth 3 points each.  The first token lowers the cost of rehearsal time by 200 dollars.  The second token lowers the cost by 400 dollars.  The third token allows the free purchase of rehearsal time.  If PR tokens are used for gigs then they are discarded.
  •  Award cards – give end of game points
Action Phase:
Starting with the start player for the round, each player takes 3 actions.  One of which must be a movement action.
The available actions are:
  • Purchase an Entourage Card $500 – these cards are worth one point toward Fame Value but also have redeemable traits depending on the character and potential end game points.
  • Release CD $1000 – CD enters outside the chart track – worth Fame Value on track and end game points on track
  • Purchase rehearsal time $500.  Worth 2 Fame Value and 1 end game point and maybe used to push CD up chart
  • Buy Media Release card $500 – these give bonus points when putting on a show
  • Put on a show – player may only put on a show in a location that they have not yet gigged – when a player puts on a gig they get X number of points depending on the location of the gig.  They also receive money which = 1000 multiplied by the Fame Value.  Players may invest this money in social media to get more points.  $500 gives one fame point.
  • Move – one free movement.  All other movement costs $500 or one tour bus
  • Purchase studio time $500 – worth 2 points but can be redeemed to push CD up the charts
Players can move and put on a show twice.  All other actions are one time per round.
Game End:
When all rounds are completed the player whose band has obtained the most points wins.  In case of a tie, the most money remaining wins.


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