Google+ GameLabs – and NOW regular hangouts

This post will explain why game designers might want to use G+ and how I am using it to help aid mine and other’s game designs.

For those who don’t know about Google+, it is Google’s version of Facebook.  It has similarities to Facebook but for game design it adds so much more.

Google+ (G+) features the following which may of be interest to game designers:

  1. A forum to share ideas, links, pictures and creativity.  Whereas Facebook is a social outlet to share these things, Facebook is more a vehicle for sharing what you are doing, when you are doing it and where you are doing.  People post the most mundane information on Facebook.  Whereas G+ is a forum where professionals, artists, photographers, geeks, scientists, and regular people share IDEAS and their CREATIONS and worry less about the mundane.
  2. Circles.  Circles are groups.  As a user of G+ you can assign the people you connect with to a specific circle.  As a user, you may name the circles however you wish. Then when you post to G+ you may select a circle.  Members of this circle are the only ones that will see that post.  You are able to post publicly in which case all users that have added you to their circle of choice will see the post.
  3. Hangouts.  Think group Skype where you can share your desktop and show people your art, your documents, your designs…

How I use G+ to help in game design:

  1. Created a G+ GameLab Circle.  This circle has over 35 members.  These members see posts that are directed only to them.
  2. Use the hangout function to share game designs with G+ Game Labbers.  So far, David Short, Seth Jaffee, David Gregg, John Burns, Shaun Grey-Wilson and I have shared designs using this format.

These hangouts have provided useful feedback to game designers.  In order to make these hangouts even more productive I will be hosting hangouts at the following times:

  • Tuesdays 6pm PST
  • Wednesdays 6pm PST
  • Sundays 10pm PST

I will start these hangouts and hopefully stay for the duration.  If I cannot make a hangout then I will post it to the G+ GameLab circle.  I started this last week:

Tueday 13th March – no one could make the hangout

Wednesday 14th March – in attendance CW Karstens (designer of Dragon Forge) and me.  We discussed my ideas – Renaissance Man and All Access Tour

Sunday 18th March – in attendance John Burns and me.  We discussed  John’s game Teen Drama and my All Access Tour


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