Long time…no post…part 2…game design…game playing…board game dad…podcast

Part 2 of Long time…no post.

This is an update of where I go from here.

  • G+ GameLabs Hangouts – a group of designers try to meet online from time to time to share ideas and give each other feedback on designs.  I am hoping to kick start this in the coming months. Recently, I had a hangout with John Burns and Seth Jaffee.  During this hangout I presented a game that has been in the works for over a year.  Both John and Seth seemed to like the idea.  The cool thing is that my co-designer, David Short, has the first prototype and he lives close to Seth.  I am hoping they will get to play test the game.  I am hoping to have a hangout this evening and talk about two party games I have in the works.
  • I will be revisiting all my game designs in the next while via blog posts while working on a couple of specific designs.
  • Tower of Doom will be ready to play test in the next week or so…this after a lengthy delay in printing the new cards.
  • Risk: Legacy will see the table whenever we have our full quota of five.  Otherwise I will be introducing many new games to the group.
  • I am pondering a series of reviews and audio podcasts about being a board game dad.  This will concentrate on games I play with my 7 year old daughter and games I modify to make more complex games easier for her to play.
  • I have, through the Facebook board game group, connected with a fellow gamer who is starting an audio podcast about board games.  I have been invited to submit a 5 minute section.  My initial idea is to do a section on Hidden Gems…games outside the BGG top 1000.  Describing a board game without visuals will be interesting.

That’s it for now…


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Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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