The League…

I have another idea…more ideas than physical design these days as I just started a new job.   One idea I had is based on writer Alan Moore’s idea of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  Moore uses public domain fictional characters and teams them up to create a team of heroes that take on evildoers.

In The League or The Chosen or whatever name the game might evolve into, players draft a team of four heroes that have a combination of skills/characteristics that allow them to deal with events/locations/characters they meet on their way to completing a quest.  It could potentially be a cooperative game but right now I see it as a ‘race’ game.  Players draft teams and race to complete the quests.

This game would be a card driven game.  Cards are turned over that give the player options.  These cards represent the journey.  When a card is revealed it gives four options:  1) rest 2) encounter 3) location 4) event.  These options are represented by arrows.  The arrow that points away from the start point is the next event that must be completed to move further along in the quest.  The arrow that points to the left is a location that the heroes may explore.  At a location there is the chance to gain supplies but also to face danger.  The arrow to the right would be an encounter with an antagonist.  Again there would be pros and cons of taking this route.  The arrow pointing back at the start point would be a chance to rest.  This movement mechanic is borrowed from Candamir.

Each character would have a set of skills.  Players build their teams based on these skills.  The usual strength, intelligence, and influence would be used.  Players when dealing with encounters would have to meet or beat the skill levels needed during an encounter to gain a reward…or take damage if they do not meet the levels.  Players would assign their heroes to certain tasks before seeing an event.  These skill levels are increased in certain categories when the team act together.  The team get extra cubes to represent group intelligence, group strength etc…  When these cubes are spent they are removed from the game.

That’s it for now…



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One Response to The League…

  1. kenmaher says:

    Hey Clive,

    I really like the basic idea … I’ve been a big fan of the genre through the books and the movie too. It seems to me that one of the things I liked about it most was the tension in forming the working team. The characters don’t always understand or trust each other, especially in the early stages. Perhpas this could be the basis of the quest in your game. Each player starts with one of the fictional characters and through the process described above, draws further characters around him/her with the goal of being able to defeat some sort of final condition(s). Similar characters would be easier to draw to you (in the kind of challenges they would be associated with), but the complimentary ones you will need will be harder to gain.

    I look forward to hearing where you go with this one!

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