Getting my 2012 butt into gear!

It has been over a week since my last post and to be honest I have done very little in the way of game design.  I have thought about game design but done nothing tangible.

So, how do I get out of this malaise?  I start a new job, albeit part time, on Monday which will certainly cut into any game design time.  Goal setting is my answer.  Here are my goals:

  1. Finally get the cards printed for Tower of Doom and play test.  This is long overdue
  2. Research Victorian heroes for card quest game
  3. Sketch out ideas for Renaissance Man
  4. Play test stripped down Tombstone (formerly Redemption City)

There are many other things I need to work on but I need to focus.  Once I have these done I will set some new goals.


About Clive

Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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One Response to Getting my 2012 butt into gear!

  1. Eric Sexton says:

    I know how you feel. I have been having a hard time finding a free moment to work on my game. Work has been so busy, working till past 9pm most nights and also on some weekends. This weekend I have some time to try and get my momentum back while I watch the football games, but its hard, and I understand your pain.

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