RISK: Legacy = WOW

Before Christmas the Fab Five regular gamers (including me) chipped in and bought the new game in the Risk series, Legacy.  The game with taxes cost $75 from our FLGS.  $15 from each player.

WOW number 1 – WTF…$75 for a game of Risk!!!!!!

Yes! $75!

WOW number 2 – INNOVATION!!!!

If you have not heard of Risk: Legacy then you certainly are in for a surprise.  Risk: Legacy is probably the most innovative game I have seen since the Settlers of Catan first arrived on the shores of North America.  Risk: Legacy evolves as you play it.  Your characters do not evolve in the way your character would evolve in a video game or role playing game.  Rather, the game evolves.  Rules change, the board changes and the factions skills change.  Without giving anything away this game rocks!

WOW number 3 – Risk that does not play 2 hours plus!

This game of Risk takes about an hour to play one game.  Instead of taking over the whole world map, the first player to accumulate  4 victory points wins.  And there are multiple ways of getting these cards.  It still has the luck of rolling dice when battling but this is easily overlooked when you look at the big picture.  And yes!!!  Some rolls of the dice really SUCK!!!

WOW number 4 – Full of surprises!!!

The five factions have specific skills that look like they will change and evolve during the game.  You write on the board!!!  You name cities and territories!!!  The winner of a game signs the board and has a number of options to change the flavour of the world.  Each runner up gets to name a minor city and place a city sticker in a territory or change the value of a territory.  VERY COOL.  As you move through the game you trigger events that require you to open sealed envelopes and packages.  These envelopes change the rules and add events and missions to the game!

WOW number 5 – ADDICTIVE!!!

On our regular Thursday gaming we started with a game of Legacy and that is all we played all evening.  If it wasn’t for work the next morning we still would be playing.  We played three games.  Justin won two which triggered the opening of the first package!


Yes it is Risk and the main mechanics are the same.  I would never play a three hour game of Risk.  But I would play three hours of Risk: Legacy!!!  (about three games).  Each games is different!  Each game is fun!!!    Our group has already decided we will be playing two games of Legacy next Thursday along with another hour long game.



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