More thoughts on Darkness

It has been suggested that my idea about a game where darkness is creeping slowly into a town, enveloping and wiping out the residents, should use real light.  Currently I have a hexagon shaped board with a hex map.  This map will represent a small town.  Black hex tiles with differing levels of darkness will start to invade the town from the perimeter.  The players must either protect the centre of the town from the darkness or create a route out of the town and ‘off ‘ the board to win.  Players can halt the progress of the darkness by creating light (for example – fuelling a generator with a spotlight, protecting the power station so city lights are still working or maybe building a fire).

Thinking about using real light gave me the idea of having a translucent board with a light source from below.  Differing areas of the board would be more opaque than others.  The darkness would place various tiles that would block the light from below.  The more opaque the map section the less opaque (level of darkness) the hex piece would have to be.


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One Response to More thoughts on Darkness

  1. Seth Jaffee says:

    Sounds a little like the plot of Pitch Black

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