The Darkness

A thematic idea – what if a place were being overcome by darkness – the darkness representing something evil.   Your job is to keep areas of the board lit up until helps arrive.  Maybe it is a co-op game.  The  darkness creeps in from edges of the board depending on how well you defend with light etc…

I can feel the creepiness now…

Any ideas


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10 Responses to The Darkness

  1. damian says:

    This idea reminds me of a video game for the consoles (forget the title) where one of your main weapons is actually a flashlight. I like the idea. (but I like the storage wars better!! hehehe)

  2. Nate K. says:

    Alan Wake did that. Still haven’t actually played it, though.

    This would be more difficult to do as a board game, though, simply because of the electronic equipment that would have to be involved. I mean, if someone made such a game, I would love to play it, I just don’t envy the difficulty in pitching such a game idea to a publisher.

    • Clive says:

      I don’t think you need electonic equipment for the board game. If you had a hex board or modular board then anything in darkness could have a tile placed upon it or the hex flipped…

  3. David Gregg says:

    Hmm, perhaps the players need to keep the fires lit to maintain sanity or something. Darkness could effect the fires around the board randomly via dice (or cards if you want additional effects).

    Wait, it’s Lights Out the board game! 😀

    S3rvant via BGG

    • Clive says:

      I was thinking there could be a number of ways that the darkness could be held at bay – fires, lanterns, spotlights – each with a ‘power’ that lasts x turns and slows down the darkness by x factor.

      I have a hex board and making some hex tiles to play with a mechanic that represents the movement of the darkness. Though, I do like the idea Scott S. had where you involve actual lights 🙂

      • David Gregg says:

        That could work, but how do you plan to track the duration of the lights?

        Fires and lanterns both give radial light, with fire being bigger imo, but perhaps dangerous due to its nature. Spotlight creates a beam, but should probably not last very long.

  4. Clive says:

    if each hex on the board had one side with an arrow or triangle the device could have a number on the side of whatever shape it is…and after a turn when doing upkeep you rotate the light device down one…players could ‘re-fuel the device’ before it runs out
    just brainstorming
    also I like the idea of using a modified Ablaze! tile placement for the darkness – the more intense the darkness the quicker it moves

  5. damian says:

    Just thinking on paper here (or the keyboard I should say) what if instead of a hex grid board you have a layout of cards (possibly circular with a central Hub Local) that represent locations, each location needs to be maintained and could offer up a resource required by another location. if a certain location is not maintianed it becomes flipped and no longer provideds the fuel on its card ( the fuel provided could be limited, forcing players to move onto another location to get it. the resource could respawn over time unless the player(s) neglects the location in which it would flip) You could start with an area that is in the light and needs to be maintained, slowly those fuel resources start to dwindle so you would have a second ring (perhaps 2 cards deep all around) that players would have to venture into using tools such as flash lights or torches(using up small portions of the collected resources needed to fuel the inner hub) to try to find resources to continue on.
    Each round could require more fuel than the last to keep the darkness back, with dwindling resources this will force players to venture out earlier. This could be the premise, of course there are encounters to be had in the darkness that could delay or injure players, possibly preventing them from getting a resource in time to save one of the locations from being swallowed by the darkness. Game ends when the hub is snuffed out or players make it to dawn or something.

    Just a thought.

  6. I like the ideas of multiple levels of light put out, but I think you can add tension by giving them an additional goal, and a way to win. If they have limited light generating resources, then it possibly becomes a math exercise to beat the game. However, add some goal or additional threat related to the theme, and the tension can be increased. For example,
    1. Have the players be campers, and the darkness contain evil, camper-eating creatures. The goal is to make it to their van and get the heck out of there. But, of course, the van is WAY over there and the darkness is closing in. But the campers can use the light to make their way over to the van, for as long as the light lasts.
    2. (Stolen from the Dresden Chronicles) Have the darkness be an evil entity. The players (in a house?) are surrounded and have to use magical light to keep it at bay until the sun comes up. However, they don’t have enough light to keep it all out of the house, so they have to use their light resources carefully. Put some extra tension in there that has the darkness stall for a turn or two if it’s munching on someone (i.e. we’re all going to die unless someone is sacrificed… I vote for Bob.). Or have the darkness have some tendrils that try to sneak out and grab someone through the weakly-lighted areas.

  7. Mark says:

    Try using real light and darkness as game elements. THAT would be neat. It’s not totally new, but hasn’t been exploited heavily.

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