Re-visiting a mechanic

In an early post I had an idea for a worker placement mechanic based on an idea from the novel The Hunger Games.  This worker placement mechanic involves making a decision that will benefit the player but increase the odds of losing the worker placed.

My initial ideas for this involved the theme of an outbreak.  I’ll call the game Contagion for now.

Here are my ideas:

  • Everyone has a team of scientists (meeples) trying to control some form of outbreak in a confined area – maybe some kind of building.
  • Each of these scientists has a level of achievement.  The higher the status the more complex tasks the worker can be placed to complete.
  • Examples of actions that can be used by worker placement include: recruit (get another meeple), upgrade (raise level of scientist/meeple), research (send scientist/meeple to a specific room where each different rooms give different benefits) and so on…
  • Each room has a contagion level – the better the action available in the room the higher the level of infection to your team
  • There is a bag with an equal number of coloured cubes – representing each players’ team colour.  At the end of each round a cube is drawn and if your colour then one of your meeples is infected and you either lose the meeple immediately or after x turns.
  • Coloured cubes equal to the level of contagion in the rooms being researched are placed in the bag at the end of each round.  So, if Team Blue researchers in rooms that have contagion levels 1, 3 and 2 then six blue cubes are added to the bag of cubes.  Therefore, the more research completed the greater the chance of losing a meeple.

So in summary – the better the options the more chance of contagion.

I like the idea but don’t necessarily think the theme of teams working against each other for a cure works…any ideas are welcome.


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One Response to Re-visiting a mechanic

  1. Matt says:

    Admittedly slightly different than what you had, this mechanic immediately made me think of a post-apocalyptic theme with players competing at scavenging resources (food, water, fuel, medicine, etc) from near by building. Players could be gathering resources to get out of the area. The risk could be nuclear contamination (die in X rounds) or simply danger level of the area/task (die now).

    Maybe players competing to escape a contaminated spaceship/space station?

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