Gaming Group Results

I have seven really good gaming buddies.  However, two have become so busy lately that our group has eroded to five.  The five or us have been getting together once a week – and if lucky more – for the past few months and Kelly decided we keep track of the win percentages.  So here are the results so far:

The yellow line is the winning percentage for all players based on the number of games played by that player.  The line below is the percentage of games won by each player based on all games played (whether participated in or not).

The green lines are breakdowns of the percentages of games played by the participants categorized into the number of players in each game.  Below each line is the expected number of wins.  In a two player game it is expected that a player would win 50 percent of the games.

I would like to work out a way of weighting the results based on the numbers of games played.



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