Space Pirates

In my last post I talked about a space game that would be a like a card version or Pirate’s Cove.  So here is my latest idea…


2 players

Age 8+

30 – 45 minutes


Each player takes on the role of a Space Pirate trying to accumulate the most gold and treasure.  Players visit one of six planets in order to gain resources, money, treasure, and/or upgrade their ship.

Game Bits

5 player planet cards (six per set)

5 player boards

resource tokens

combat dice

5 negotiation decks

Game Flow

  1. Players simultaneously choose their next destination (or possibly 2 destinations)
  2. Players reveal their first planet card
  3. If a player is the only player to visit a planet they receive the reward and may pay for the action of that planet
  4. If more than one player visits a planet then negotiation/battle takes place and then the planet’s rewards are assigned
  5. Players then either reveal the second destination or if only one destination revealed in game then the game flow repeats
Players who arrive at the same planet must negotiate on who takes the available resources and action at the planet.  This is done by players ordering and playing their negotiation cards.  The cards consist of sensor sweep, shields up, hail, red alert.
  • Sensor sweep – opponent reveals one resource token they have acquired
  • Shields up – blocks sensor sweep
  • Hail – player starts negotiation
  • Red Alert – start battle
The first card is revealed and both are acted upon.  One however will be activated before another.  If Hail is used before Red Alert then players may negotiate.  Negotiations stop as soon as one player reveals their next card.  The total negotiation is timed.  If negotiation is now worked out before timer ends then battle ensues.
Sensor Sweep trumps Hail
Shields Up trumps Sensor Sweep
Hail trump Shields Up
Red Alert trumps all
Dice are rolled for simple battle mechanic.  Number of dice depends on attributes of ship.  Shields up adds to defence.
A player may leave orbit but lose some value on their board for running.
The winner takes reward the loser takes damage to their ship.
more to follow…

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Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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One Response to Space Pirates

  1. David Iezzi says:

    I really like this game idea. The simultaneous action mechanic is very nicely done.

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