A new form of set collection

For my Space Pirates game I thought of having treasure in the form of crystals and maybe more than one type of crystal.  I have come up with the following idea.  Players would collect crystals which contain 3 important elements.  One would be common, one less common and one rare.  These crystals are triangular and can be pieced together to form a larger crystal of greater value.  The larger crystals could be made up of two to six triangles.  The more connection of the same colour the greater the added value of the crystal to be traded in for money – most money wins the game.

Below is the ideal ultimate red crystal.  Each corner would have a value between 0 (no trace of the element and probably indicated by a white corner)  and 3 with 3 being the highest concentration of that element in the given triangle crystal.

The treasure awarded for a crystal would depend on the total concentration (the sum of the values between 0 and 3 on each triangle) with additional points for the number of combined triangles.

One triangle – no additional points

Two triangles – two points



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2 Responses to A new form of set collection

  1. Dave Dobson says:

    Neat idea – I love geometric pieces of games that have broader themes. Would players get to assemble these how they want, or would they just be dealt the tiles already in hexagon form?

    • Clive says:

      They would be found one at a time as reward for visiting a planet. The player would collect these and piece them together as they deem necessary. The idea is – do they cash in quickly or do they collect more crystals to gain more money. They only get money for the ‘colour’ element they join together.

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