Another idea for a mechanic

This idea came in a discussion with Shaun in an impromptu G+ GameLab hangout.  Shaun is designing a space exploration game that uses planets as role cards a la Citadels or Race for the Galaxy.  Choose a planet and travel there and take the reward but if two people go there then there is some action/event that happens.  A cool integration of a mechanic into his game.

I went off on a different tangent and thought of this mechanic.  Each player is travelling around the universe trying to get the most resources – a pick up and delivery game.  Everyone has a number of planet cards that can be visited during a turn.  Simultaneously, players choose a series of destinations – maybe three of the planets that they select in a certain order.  Players reveal their paths.  For each planet there is one reward – that may be shared or negotiated for…

So, two players arrive at the same planet, what happens?  This is where I fly off in another direction.  Drawing from Dragon’s Gold, the players negotiate for the planet’s reward using a script with keywords.  The start player or player closest to the start player starts:

Player 1:   Hailing unknown ship, what are your intentions?

Player 2:  (Has a number of options)  Yellow Alert – Red Alert – Or respond with a negotiation request

Player 1:  Responds with Yellow Alert – Red Alert – Or continues with negotiation

and so on for a limited time period…if resolution cannot be made the lead ship either leaves or goes into Red Alert and the second player can leave or go into Red Alert and battle.

Also, within the planet cards there could be action cards such as Raise Shields – so before you orbit a planet you can arrive with shields raised giving an advantage in battle.

Another idea – one that I would like to re-theme as I would not want to ‘borrow’ from Shaun, even though I think our games would be totally different.


EDITED – on re-reading this post this game seems like a card game re-theme of Pirate’s Cove – now that is a cool idea!!


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