An experiment in solo play

I really enjoy playing board games!  This is evident from the fact that this blog has been running for almost a year and has had consistent posts.  I have many blogs which have fallen quite flat.  I believe this blog is still going because of my passion for board gaming.

I could play board games everyday – anyone hiring in the board game industry?  🙂   The problem is that I don’t get to play everyday!  😦   How do I play games more often?   One answer maybe to play some solo games or solo variants of games.   I am unsure about this idea but plan to implement it in the near future.

Why am I unsure?  Well there are pros and cons to every decision.


  • I get to play board games more often
  • I get to develop new strategies and learn more about the board game
  • Playing this way may open up some new game design ideas
  • No king-making and no other players telling other players what they should do next
  • I spend less time doing things I should be doing
  • Solo game play defeats one of the reasons I love to game – social interaction
  • Who am I going to trash talk with?
Games I am going to play with solo variants:
  • Hansa Teutonica
  • Zooloretto
  • Endeavor
  • Stone Age
  • Carcassonne
  • Ticket to Ride
  • San Juan
  • Taluva
Solo published games I would like to try:
  • Friday
  • Onirim

About Clive

Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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2 Responses to An experiment in solo play

  1. Oh dear Clive I understand your situation so much! i’m at the moment about to create a solitary game, but i’m not sure i’ll be able to play it before 1 years haha…to much other project in dev right now, this game is still in the ethereal world. But anyway here some solo game you should definitely try if you havent yet.

    – Field commander (napoleon, rommel or alexander)

    And one of my top game ever : Ghost Stories, but i never play it with someone else. It’s my little buried treasure. When everyone sleeping, I took out all piece of the box and give myself a try to beat the bad monster…(i play the 4 players version but solo, better than the 1 player variant)

  2. David Short says:

    I generally dislike solo games as well. The idea seems strange. However, when the time arises, I’ll gladly play any coop solo, since most coops (without a traitor) are multiplayer solitaire anyway.

    I’ve been loving Pandemic solo. Red November has been great as well. For both cases I’ll control 4 characters.

    I’ve never played a game like Friday that was designed specifically as solo. I’m intrigued for sure.

    Also, as you know, I’m designing my first game that can be played solo, Ground Floor:Dice. It’s working very well as a solo game.

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