I know there is a game based on the Running of the Bulls at Pamplona but although this has a similar theme this game is based upon dexterity – or flicking!

Pamplona – Running of the Bulls

This idea came around in a brief discussion with Seth Jaffee – game developer with Tasty Minstrel Games.  We were talking dexterity games when this game came to me.

In this game for 2 to 8 players the participants take on the role of contestants (otherwise known as crazy people) and the bull (or bulls).  Right now I think there will be one bull.

So how does the game work?

The game would be a modular track that would represent the streets of Pamplona.  The track could be pieced together to provide a different course each game.  Each module would have objects that would block the path of the contestants and the bull.  These would be permanent (would not move if hit by a flicked character) or non-permanent (would move when hit) and would represent boxes, barrels or barriers along the streets of Pamplona.

Game Bits:

Each players would have a set of cards numbered 1 to 4 (x2) – these cards would be played on a turn and represent the number of flicks the player would be allowed on that turn.  The cards may vary depending on the number of players.

Each player would have between 2 and 8 contestant discs (depending on the number of players).  These discs are double sided.  On one side is an image of a contestant wearing something of the player’s colour for identification.  On the other side is an image of the same character with some icon or image representing that he had been hit by the bull.

One (or maybe more) circular bull token.  Slightly larger than the character tokens.

One bull D6 with 3 ones, 2 twos and one three – this determines the distance the bull can be flicked or maybe the number of flicks.

Several gold coins

Game Play:

Players simultaneously choose a movement card.

Cards are revealed and the start player flicks his characters up the track followed by the next player (clockwise)

After all players have flicked the last player rolls the bull dice and flicks the bull trying to hit other players (it could be that one player takes on the role of the bull)

If a player is hit then the token is flipped over to represent damage.

When a player is hit, one gold token is placed on the module where the collision took place in one of the spaces defined on the track (nearest to the collision)

The bulls can only move forward

Then a new round begins with the next clockwise player going first.

Once a gold coin has been placed on the track any player may hit it to gain that coin.

The game ends when the bull crosses the finish line.

The winner is the player who gets the most points.  Points = 2 for every healthy character, 1 for every injured character, 3 for every gold coin.  Characters that do not cross the line before the bull do not count!


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One Response to Pamplona

  1. David Short says:

    I think this idea sounds great. And the theme works perfectly for a dexterity game cause in real life, the running of the bulls is exactly that.

    My vote is to have a player control the bull each game. Their winning condition would be different than the other players. So potentially there could be two winners. 1 Runner and 1 Bull Player OR 1 Runner could win outright OR the Bull Player could win outright.

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