Brotherhood of Suns

This is a re-theming of my Cold War deck building game.  I welcome feedback.


A game for 2 to 4 players.

Mechanics – deck building, simultaneous bidding, hand management, area influence


The people divided, the Universe at war until the Great Peace.  Now four factions vie for political power within the Brotherhood of Suns.  Players take on the role of one of the four Brotherhood factions.  By careful building and management of their decks, players vie for resources and influence within the five locations of the Brotherhood. Creating the most efficient deck while building the most influential network in the Brotherhood will take the winner to victory.

Game Bits

  • One deck of cards that will form the 5 individual planet decks (each card will be connected by colour and icon to one of the five locations – backs will be the same)
  • Area influence tokens in 4 colours
  • Four faction starting decks
  • Overthrow Card
  • Game end scenario cards
Game Setup
  1. Each player takes his starting deck and shuffles these cards and places them face down in front on his tableau – this forms the Faction Network Deck.
  2. The main planet cards are shuffled and dealt into five equal piles.  These form the five Planet Location Decks.
  3. The Planet Location Decks are placed on the table.  One each in front of each player and one in the centre of the table (the Brotherhood Deck).  Any remaining decks are discarded.
  4. Each deck that is placed in front of the players represents that players Home Planet Deck.
  5. There should be enough room around the Home Planet Deck that further cards can be placed next to each side of the deck.
  6. Each player placed 3 influence tokens of their colour between the player and the Home Planet Deck and one influence token on the player’s side of the Brotherhood Deck.
  7. The bottom five cards of the central Brotherhood deck are removed and the Great Overthrow card is shuffled into this five.  These are then placed back at the bottom of the Brotherhood deck.
  8. Each player is randomly given one of the Game End Scenario cards that relates to their faction.
  9. Choose a start player.
Game Flow
  1. Turn over the top cards of each of the location decks revealing cards to be won
  2. Each player draws five cards (or up to five cards) from their Faction Network Deck
  3. Take the following actions:  (a) Play event card  (b) Deploy agents  (c) Resolve resource acquisition (d) Play influence cards (e) Add influence markers to Home Planet or move influence markers
  4. Banish cards played for influence
  1. Play event card – a player may play an event card at any time or as specified by the card text.  The card text is read, the action taken, and the card discarded.
  2. Deploy agents – in order to increase your Home Planet Network you need to persuade agents, gather resources or collect information (event cards) from one of the five Location Decks.  Players look at their hand and send an agent or agents with or without extra equipment to one of the locations.  The players must deploy simultaneously.
  3. Resolve Resource Acquisition – The player who sends the combination of cards with the highest Deployment Value may win the face up card at that location.  How to win a card:  If a player is deploying at their Home Planet Deck then they must equal or better the ‘purchase’ cost of the card.  If a player is deploying in any other location but also trying to win a card that was created by your home faction (will match the colour of your faction) then the player must meet or surpass the ‘purchase’ value.  If a player is trying to win a card that is not on their Home Planet Deck and did not originate from the player’s home faction then the player must beat the ‘purchase’ value of the card.  The deployed cards and the acquired cards are placed in the player’s discard pile.
  4. Play influence cards.  Each card has an influence value.  A player may use 3 influence points to add another influence token to their home planet or play 2 influence to move an influence token.  An influence cube has to be moved to the Brotherhood location before it can be moved to another location.  A player must have one influence token at the Brotherhood at all times.  If this token is not here one has to be moved there before tokens can be moved to further locations.
  5. Cards used for influence are banished (removed from the game).
Game End Scenarios
  • The Great Overthrow card is revealed in the centre Brotherhood deck
  • One of the game end scenarios for the faction is met
Winning Scenario
Influence points are calculated.  The player with the most influence wins.
Influence points are derived from:
  • Influence points on cards in Faction deck
  • One point for every influence token in Home Planet Location and Brotherhood location
  • Two points for every influence token in another player’s Home Planet Location
  • Five points if you control the Brotherhood Location (most influence tokens)
  • Three points if you control any other player’s Home Planet Location (most influence tokens)
  • Negative 2 points if another player controls influence in a player’s Home Planet Location

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