Google+ Gamesmiths

Tried Google+ with David Short (Ground Floor) and David Gregg (Nightfall) this afternoon.  We ended moving to Skype because my sounds was creating white noise on David and David’s end.  It was great chatting with them and sharing some ideas.  What needs to be done before the next meeting:

  1. Need to fix my sound so we can use Google+ hangout
  2. Need an agenda of ideas followed by a free flow or chat if we use this as a gathering place for game designers
  3. Need to figure out if there is a way to share computer screens in a Google+ hangout
Sure there are some things that also need doing…

About Clive

Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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4 Responses to Google+ Gamesmiths

  1. damian says:

    Hey Clive!
    Sad to hear that storage wars is hitting the back seat for a while, just hope you don’t give up on her! You seem to have a few connections being able to get in some good designers for your interviews. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see how your other designs come out.

  2. Seth Jaffee says:

    I would like to have known about this, I would have tried to get in on it… but when moving to Skype I think I would have had to bow out. I don’t have Skype on my laptop :/

    • Clive says:

      Will send invite next time we are in Google+ hangout…hope you can make it…Skype was used because of my poor sound quality which seems to have been fixed

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