Update on weekend goals.


I have decided not to work on the Storage Wars game.  It is now officially on the back burner.  I am having designers block when it comes to this game.  I think I need to re-read my thread on the GEEK and re-evaluate some of the ideas.   When trying to come up with the tiles that would be uncovered as players bid on the lockers, I thought the game to be too random and too luck based.


Still working on the number of cards and the balance of cards for the game.  While deckbuilding games seem to be the ‘flavour of the moment’ in board game design and while my idea might not be perfect, I think it adds something to the genre.


I have decided that players do not need player boards.  Each player will have a combat die and tokens representing health that are removed when damage is taken and returned if a health potion is found on their descent through the Tower.   The dice images are complete and will be printed and adhered to the dice.


Working on innocent bystander cards right now!  In fact, making the bystanders in very fiddly and not in a fiddly mood.  Might have to leave it to David!


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