Spy Game – deckbuiliding/area influence

I have another idea for a game based around spy trade and potentially the Cold War though the game could be themed around fictional spy locations and organizations.  In this game players compete for cards in various locations around the board while trying to gain influence in the five geographical locations.  The player with the best spy network (influence) wins the game.  Plays 2 to 4 players.

General Overview:

Five decks are set up to represent five locations – USA, United Kingdom, USSR, Poland and Berlin.

Each player starts with a starter deck of 10 cards.  These will be used to in a similar way to all other deck building games – draw 5, use cards, discard cards.

The five decks include four types of card which have a ‘purchase’ cost.  The types are location (event), action, character, and equipment.  The top card of each deck is turned over.  These cards are bid/fought over during each mission action of a round.  The winner of the bid wins the card and adds the card to the deck.

Each card has an influence value and a bid value.

There are three actions per round:

  1. Bidding or missions
  2. Influence or networking
  3. Special actions

Bidding for cards:  Each player takes their top 5 cards simultaneously and chooses a character and equipment to take on a mission.  They simultaneously place their characters (spies) next to a location.  The player with the greatest spy craft wins the card on top of the deck and adds the card to their discard pile.

Influence:  A player may decide to discard cards and use them to place influence in a location.  If playing on the UK or USA side the player must have influence in Berlin before they can play on the USSR or Poland – the same goes for the USSR and Poland before they can play influence on the USA or UK.

Special Actions:  Players may have cards that effect influence or missions and may play these at any time during the round.


Obtaining cards from the ‘enemy’ side of the board may be more difficult but potentially have greater powers.

Deck building allows for the gaining of cards that allow for the winning of missions, for discard for influence and for gaining special actions.

The balance between deck building and hand management is key.

Some cards have victory points.  These victory points will be added to the influence/network a player has built during the game.  The most victory points wins the game.

To win a mission on ‘home’ territory the player has to equal the value of the purchase cost of the card.  In an opposing territory the player must exceed the purchase cost.  If two players are competing for a resource then the highest bid wins.


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