Update on design ideas…

I have many ideas – see my last updates for a list of the games.  For this update I am only going to concentrate on games that I have been actively working on or thinking about.  So here goes…


The Tower of Doom is a cooperative, dexterity, dungeon crawl.  Players make their way down through a Tower – in which they have been held captive on the uppermost floor – defeating monsters that bind the Tower together with their cumulative life force and magic.  As players explore, the now, three cavernous levels they must draw a brick from the Tower and either defeat a monster, deal with an event or find nothing and continue on.

Some of you may have already read my previous posts but I will review them quickly and then update on what is happening with this game.  I have a prototype made and play tested.  The first play test was frankly awful.  While the players could see the idea and were having fun the brick removal mechanic just did not work and the fight mechanic was fiddly and overdone.  During the second play test the floor by floor brick removal mechanic was removed and replaced with the idea of three cavernous rooms, represented by the different shaded levels of the Tower.

The second play test was successful in that the brick removal mechanic worked but was unsuccessful in that the fight mechanic was still too fiddly.  So, in a discussion with a fellow designer, I have now stripped the game down to its bare bones.  The fight mechanic is much easier and this will be now tested with the latest brick removal mechanic.  Now when you fight a monster not only may the monster do damage to the characters but the monster may also influence the balance of the Tower.

I will re-post as soon as I have mocked up new cards and dice for the prototype.


I made another prototype – one is with David Short in Arizona – and play tested this with my gaming group.  There were only three playing and this game is really made for 4+.  Certain issues were evident from this play test the main thing is that the Sheriff has too many things to worry about.  Again, this game has been stripped down to the basics:  shoot, gain fame, get wounds!   More after a play test with more people.


This game is prototyped and has been play tested once.  It is a true party game in the way Apples to Apples or Cranium is a party game.  Again, the play test involved three people.  Certainly more challenging than it looks and certainly fun.


This game is a set collection, worker placement Euro where players take on the role of great thinkers who must present their findings and knowledge to an esteemed panel of aristocrats.  It is the week before the presentation and the scholars have to cram and increase knowledge before the big event.   This weekend I hope to take my notes and write an outline for the game and maybe sketch out some of the parts for prototyping.  The hardest part to figure out will be the scoring.  There are three ways players can score points and players have to have an all round knowledge.  Superior knowledge in one topic will not win the game alone.


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