Tower of Doom 2.0

After a couple of play tests and discussions with the play testers it was obvious that the new mechanism was better (but won’t know how much better until more play tests) and that the Tower should become the ‘star’ of the show!

With that in mind the following changes have been made for future play testing:

  1. Brick Removal – depending on the number of players the number of bricks successfully removed by each character change.  Right now, with 4 players each player will successfully remove 4 bricks each for each of the three main levels, with 3 players it will be 5 per level and with two it will be eight.  Of course, 2 or 3 players may cooperatively manage all 4 characters if they wish to do so.
  2. Battle Mechanic – the battle mechanic has been stripped down.  Rather than 3 dice – one used for each level – there will be one die per character.  These dice will have swords (hits), shields (blocks) and blood droplets (misses) on them, along with possibly some special powers.  To defeat most monsters, 2 swords will need to be rolled.  For more dangerous monsters it may require 3 dice rolls.  Swords (hits) are managed first followed by blocks and misses.  Rather that calculate hit points dependent on the Monsters attack value and a defense value for the character, now a hit is a hit and the character will take one damage.
  3. Making the Tower the Star! – in the original battle mechanic the damage was between creature and monster – now if a monster is not defeated it will have a greater effect on the Tower while also dealing the single damage to any heroes who roll a miss.  Now the 30+ creature cards will be organized by specific classes.  Each class will have a specific effect.  The classes are:
  • Normal – if monster is not killed then deal damage to heroes who miss and the continue battle
  • Flying – if monster is not killed then lead character (player removing brick) must place brick on top of the Tower after damage is dealt.  This is not a successful brick removal.
  • Wurm – when reveal a wurm player must remove a brick from layer below
  • Spirit – if monster is not killed then brick must be slid back into a space already removed by a character – this does not count as a successful brick removal.
  • Dragon – if monster is not killed then one hit to all heroes
  • Concussive – if not killed each player who rolls a shield must remove a brick from the tower.  These do not count toward successful brick removal.
  • Pack – every time a creature is not killed another brick must be slid half way out of the tower
  • Spiny – if monster is not killed the lead character is frozen and cannot participate in next battle roll
  • Doppleganger – if monster is not killed then this brick is replaced by sliding another brick out.  The new brick becomes the event/monster. The new brick counts as a successful brick removal.

I like the above classes ant think they will work well.


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