Quick Review of Play Tests at Game Night and BIGCON

It seems like forever since I last posted (four days).  In this time I created three prototypes and managed to play test them all – though not as often or as much as I would have liked.


There were only three of us at our regular game night so for each game we were below the optimum number of players.  We still went ahead and tried the games out.  The last one to hit the table, but the first I will talk about, was Small Talk.  This game is a party game that definitely plays best with 4+.  We tried out the card drafting mechanic and paired up three times to have a ‘Small Talk’.  It was funny and way more difficult than it seems.   I think this could be a party game tomorrow!


The second game to hit the table.  With three players, two players go head to head and one plays the role of Sheriff.  In a three player game, this means that if one person dominates the first round they may be hard to catch by the other players even though that player with the most Fame takes on the role of Sheriff in the next round.

Potential fixes:  Instead of each player starting with no Fame tokens each player would start with three Fame tokens.  No Fame tokens are given out when diving for cover when dynamite is thrown onto the street.  When a player defeats another player in a gunfight they take a Fame token from the player they defeated.  If the player defeated has not Fame tokens then they receive one from the pool.

Other fixes – the Sheriff has way too much to think about.  So – in the words of Kramer, get rid of unnecessary mechanics.  Gone are the bullets and healing for now!


This was the first game to hit the table at our game night and at BIGCON.

Game Night – wow, thought the game is a very cool idea the brick removal mechanic did not work!  Disappointed but not unfix-able.  Removing bricks layer by layer just did not work!  The battle mechanic was convoluted but worked – the math needs working out.

BIGCON – much better!!   A new brick removal mechanic was put in place but still the battle mechanic is too convoluted.

Potential fixes:  Make the Tower the star of the game and simplify the battle mechanic.  Have the creatures, when destroyed, effect the Tower as well as or instead of the characters.



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