Custom dice made for Tower of Doom

I should have the prototypes for Redemption City, Tower of Doom and Small Talk completed by tomorrow lunch time.  Today I separated the 250 business cards that make up Small Talk and finished the custom dice for Tower of Doom.

The dice are recycled Kid’s Yahtzee dice.  These are ideal as the faces are recessed with stickers.  So, all I had to do was print new stickers, take the old ones off, mark them with a Sharpie to indicate for which level the dice were to be used by each character in the game and then adhere the new icon stickers (see picture below).  The red dice were originally yellow and I used a permanent marker to change their colour.  In the game there are 3 levels to the Tower.  When a player descends to the next level they ‘level up’ their abilities by using a new die for combat.  The dice have greater abilities and greater chances of making hits as the characters descend their way through the Tower of Doom.



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3 Responses to Custom dice made for Tower of Doom

  1. Al says:


    I was just reading your designer advice articles when I noticed this photo. Neat idea for leveling up a character. I wonder if you could get the same increasing distribution by having the higher level dice with just a few extra symbols so that it could be rolled with the low level dice. Its just that I think leveling up and being able to roll an extra dice would feel more satisfying than just rolling a different dice (particularly in what appears to be a dungeon crawler).

  2. Clive says:

    Thanks for your comments – yes, as you see I went to a different format to make the fight mechanic more streamlined. I think the leveling up would work just as well by adding an extra die to the original from the lower level. You would just have to balance the probabilities of hits, blocks and misses – along with other special symbols. One could get quite creative. For example if the certain combos are rolled they trigger special abilities…just a thought

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