Basketball Deck Building Game

In chatting about how to create a basketball game I came up with the idea of a basketball game where the players take on the role of the coach of a basketball team trying to win as many games as possible through a season (the game length).  The main mechanic for the game is deck building (see image below for game layout).

Players start with 16 identical cards.  Six of these cards are player cards and the remaining 10 are the player’s deck.  The deck works in a similar way to most deck building games.  Draw five, play cards, discard hand, draw next five.   Five of the player cards are placed face up in front of each coach (game player) and one on the bench.  These are your starting five and sixth man.  A player may use any five of the player cards as his starting five.  The players have skill levels – both offence and defence.

In between the coaches are two decks – the Season Deck and the Skills Deck.  Six cards from each deck are revealed.  The Skills Deck includes new players and skills cards that are used to improve players offensive and defensive stats and the coaches game strategy – for example, fast break, half court, press defence, zone defence etc…   By buying cards the coach improves his chance of winning season cards.

The Season Deck include the victory points needed to win the game.  Each card represents an opponent.  On these cards are the stats needed to beat the opponent.  Basic skill levels combined with the coaches strategy will determine if you beat an opponent.

I am thinking that the six Season Cards revealed (six opponents) can either represent one week of play and the game could be played over X number of weeks or depending on the number of coaches there are X number of Season Cards and when these are exhausted the game is over.

Once a card is taken from the revealed Skill Cards then it is immediately replaced.  This would be the same for the Season Deck cards if exhaustion is used as the game end scenario.


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One Response to Basketball Deck Building Game

  1. dtigertron says:

    There is a basketball deck building game on game crafter. They don’t have player cards, but they do have a coach with special abilities.

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